On Hierarchy

This is a fantastic post that articulates the issues with community building and acknowledges the reality of how power structures form within groups, even without any “official” leaders being chosen. One particular gem: “Those with the loudest voices control the narrative, particularly when bolstered by socioeconomic and political power. The rest have to find a place within it.”
Another good quote: “ones argues that a leader’s responsibilities in a group are to:

“Uphold the group’s intention for being together. 
Create healthy and inclusive structures, structures that enable each person in the group to have a place in the group.
Uphold the group’s agreements. 
Assure the safety for all group members.””


By Anthony Rella

“The notion of natural hierarchies is very problematic, and it hides the fact that hierarchies are created through power and political process.” 

from Confronting the New Right

I wish to explore this statement further, drawing out places where I agree and disagree with the position taken in that information page, specifically with regards to hierarchy. Critics have taken issue with this passage and its adjacent question about the hierarchy of a forest, pointing to naturally occurring hierarchies among animal packs and king trees in forests. I offer this as a contemplation on hierarchy.

The Evolution of “Hierarchy”

The concept of hierarchy originated in relationship with the sacred, and a particular individual or group who facilitated the relationship between the Gods and the people. In a comment responding to John Beckett’s “Guilt by Association,” Polytheist Ruadhán J McElroy states that the root of the word is “the…

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