Month of Written Devotion

So I saw this post on tumblr and it looks like a pretty good idea. In a way, I’m not doing this so much for Set as I am for the community -or, more accurately, to satisfy my own desire to feel like I’m contributing the community in any kind of way. You guys have all been so kind and helped me so much since I got involved with kemeticism; it seems like you all are so much more educated and qualified and, you know, just generally have something to offer. I usually find myself scrolling through Tumblr and stalking everyone’s blogs, thinking how I’m supposed to be serving you guys in some way (orders from Jesus, in case anyone’s wondering) and instead I’ve just been sitting here idly consuming.

So I was wondering, what’s something I can do that could possibly help out the larger community? And with something of a sinking feeling, I realized the answer is, “Write openly and honestly about my experiences, even -or maybe especially- the ones that I’m scared and embarrassed and confused about”. I’ve been aware for a while that a lot of my experiences are weird and kinda controversial, even for all this pagan shit. I mean, I say, “I’m a Christopagan and a future godspouse” and already at least half of the pagan community is pissed off. And that’s not even going into all of the ‘woo’ stuff, or the resentment I still hold for all of the gods that often borders on what I’m willing to bet a lot of people would consider disrespectful. But the thing is, until someone starts talking about things like that, no one will. Not that I think no one has, but none of the people that have are me, you know? Maybe just by the virtue of being one, particular, unique person, I’ll have something worthwhile to say, and I can get experienced//knowledgeable in the process.

Anyways, the reason I chose Set for this is that he’s the only pagan god I feel really devoted to in any capacity (although tbh I think Horus is trying to make a play at the ‘patron’ title, too…buuuuut that’s an issue for another time). Besides, he’s the one I have the most extensive experiences with, so I’m more likely to have something unique or insightful to say about him than I would about the other three I’m currently working with.

Unfortunately, the house I live at doesn’t have internet, so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to write very much or very regularly…still, it’s better to attempt something and do a shitty job than just stare at it and go “oh well”.